Here you can find any useful tools and websites, along with a list of various resources that are available to your team. 

More resources will be added as the semester progresses!

Startup Info

Y-Combinator Startup School

MVP advice, founding advice, how to talk to users, what to focus on as a startup

Y-Combinator Startup Library

Guide to getting a startup off the ground

Ohio State University Entrepreneurship Road Map

Short paper written by a former D3 member and officer

Presentations to watch 

Keenan Speaker Series Meeting with Matt Gordon 

Book PDFs

The Lean Startup - Eric Ries

Cracking the Coding Interview - Gayle Laakmann

< Link to 15+ coding books >


Design Resources

Color Palette Pickers

Logo builders


Free SaaS graphics for a landing page

Free stock images



Team Meeting Organizers

Trello (app): collaboration tool, organizer


Join the D3 community discord server, D3Underground.

Submit a Resource

If you know of any resources that aren't currently listed, submit it in the form below. 

Funding Requests

Teams have access to $100 in funds from D3 on a reimbursement basis. Please fill out the form if you would like to submit a request for funds. 

Go to Google Form


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