Since 2016, we have seen rapid growth from a small student club with small-scale ideas, to a professionally-driven organization with fully launched products. 

While growth is exciting, our future is even more. Consider joining our team where you can drive the future.

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Shindig Events

The easiest way to share event invitations on Snapchat! Built with Flutter, connected to the Snapchat API, and launched to the iOS App Store.


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Rent our holiday decorations and let our professional exterior holiday decorators set them up for you. No Estimate, No Hassle, Just Joy. Seasonal Setter is a low-maintenance business with a very high profit margin.


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Chipotle Shirts

Chipotle Shirts is a website/program that lets you customize your order and get it printed on a shirt. Never say your again with the Chipotle Shirt. The business is fully automated. 

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Buckeye Battles

Dress up as Brutus and destroy Xichigan football players in the Oval! This impressive video game cannot launch due to some major copyright infringement - but it’s still fun to play!

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We’ll set up and take down your holiday lights each year! Seasonal Setter is a low-maintenance business - we only work a few weekends a year and have a very high profit margin.

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Do you ever wish somebody would sit with you at the dining hall? Or wish they wouldn’t? Guidebeam (formerly known as Connecting Scott) puts you in control and forms connections that would’ve never been made without it. Launched v1.0 at One Line Coffee in Spring 2019.