In 2016, co-founders Alex Ogorek and Peter Schanz had a vision. Together they launched our original incubator program where students form teams to build a product together in a semester. In 2019, we introduced our accelerator program, where returning teams or new applicants with a company and team can fine tune their business and join the active community of entrepreneurs at D3.

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Established in 2016, our incubator program is the heart and soul of D3. Every semester, we accept a cohort of 20-30 aspiring entrepreneurs. Upon acceptance, we allow incubators to decide on teams, and split into teams of 3-5 to begin their journey from the ground up.

By the second week of meetings, we allow teams to begin working on their product. With 10-12 meeting times to inspire, educate and advance, our teams will have a minimum viable product (MVP), or demo completed by the end of the semester. 

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Our accelerator program was launched in 2019 to open up new opportunities for returning teams and preexisting startups at any stage. D3 provides the resources necessary for teams to keep innovating, and beyond. 

With the experience of our accelerators, they provide a valuable source of mentoring for our incubators. Accelerators will have the similar opportunities and resources as our incubators. 

Meeting Structure​

Meeting structure varies from week to week. The officer board curates a schedule of speakers, workshops, practice pitches, hack nights, and product development sessions throughout the semester. 

Demo Night

All teams that complete the semester-long program will have the unique opportunity to pitch their product our signature event.

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