Here you can find information about meetings, weekly meeting slides, and add your slides for standups. 

Standup Slides

  • Session 3

  • Session 4

  • Session 5

  • Session 6

  • Session 7

  • Session 8

  • Session 9

  • Session 10

  • Session 11

  • Session 12

Slide Expectations

Your slide should have little to no text.


What you put on the slides should supplement what you discuss (i.e. new logos, color layouts, website screenshots, designs)


Why Standups? 

At the beginning of every meeting, you and your team will discuss everything you've worked on since last meeting with the entire club. 

Standups hold your team responsible on a weekly basis, and is an excellent way to reflect upon what you actually worked on. 

If you come across a roadblock and share it with the club, other teams may have the same problems or may have already solved those problems. 

This is also a chance to work on public speaking/communication skills and learn what all teams are up to.