D3 is The Ohio State University's entrepreneurial student organization, providing an environment where driven students can come together into groups to build and launch a product in a semester.


Those accepted will split off into groups of 3–5 (composed of designers, coders, business, etc.) and start the design-develop-deploy process from the idea stage.


Each semester culminates with Demo Night, our flagship event where all groups launch their products, beta tests, or new features. Our groups will pitch to a large audience of Columbus entrepreneurs, industry professionals, investors, students, and professors. To provide value beyond membership in a driven community, D3 curates a schedule of speakers, workshops, practice pitches, hack nights, and product development sessions.

Abdinajib and Basel presenting "Adjoncts" at Demo Night, Spring 2019. 
Open House: Demo Night, Spring 2019. 

Due to a competitive past few semesters, we can only accept a select number of new members every semester. Applications are due after the involvement fair and our information session.

Our members have high expectations of us, and we have high expectations of our members. Since we can't accept everybody, we prioritize students who are driven, interdisciplinary, and willing to learn new skills. Demonstrating a strong understanding of what our organization does and how you can add value is important as well. We highly encourage students who are not admitted to stay in touch and apply again in the following semester.

Our members learn skills beyond building a product and establishing startups. It's why our members are wanted by the top employers across numerous industries. Here are a few notable companies our members received internship and job offers at.


GPA isn't the most important attribute of our members, but we do have a strong showing regardless of our values.

Spring 2020 Statistics

34 Accepted Members

Average GPA: 3.51/4.00

Median GPA: 3.60/4.00

Come innovate with us.

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